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Dear Exhibitor:

First of all, we come forward to participate in the 2022 "China (UAE)

Emirates) Trade Fair" (CHINA (UAE) TRADE

All exhibitors of FAIR 2022) extend a warm welcome and

Heartfelt thanks! The fair will be held on December 19, 2022

From 1st to 21st in Dubai World Trade Center (Dubai World, United Arab Emirates)

Trade Center). To ensure that exhibitors are fully familiar with the

Relevant regulations and exhibition links, and at the same time obtain perfect and timely

Supporting services enable smooth, orderly and efficient exhibition preparation and participation

Exhibition, dismantling, to achieve a good exhibition effect, the organizing committee specially compiled.

By writing this Exhibitor Manual, it is hoped that the letters contained in this

The information can help exhibitors successfully complete various preparations for the exhibition.

Exhibitors are requested to read this manual carefully and strictly abide by the relevant regulations.

According to your own needs, carefully fill in the relevant forms as required

form and submit to the responsible departments before the deadline. fill in

Form- - signed and stamped by the exhibitor, with a contract.

equally binding. If you have any questions about the contents of the manual, please

Please contact the fair organizing committee, we will do our best to help

help. I wish everyone a complete success in the exhibition!

China (UAE) Trade Fair Organizing Committee

Miolante International Convention and Exhibition

July 2022

Booth No. 3B02